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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning will extend the life of your carpets! By the time your carpets “look” dirty, the debris is actually starting to break down the carpet fibres. Debris left in your carpet overtime will cause premature wear and tear.

National Floor Care Inc, specializing in two very specific types of carpet cleaning to help you protect your investment in Ottawa!

Very Low Moisture (VLM) Method:

VLM is a method of carpet cleaning that leaves your carpet free of residue, while reducing/eliminating the likelihood of wicking, promoting fast drying times and leaving your carpets completely clean. We start with a pre-vacuum to remove dry soils and “lift” pile to allow the cleaning solutions to effectively get at soil and grime. Next we use a specialized cleaning solution that encapsulates the soil allowing for efficient soil removal in the final vacuum step. VLM method is environmentally friendly by using the latest chemistry and a fraction of the water and electricity used in comparison to other low moisture methods.

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"We were renovating 24,000 sq. ft. of office space and needed to have the carpets cleaned at the same time. The carpet was 7 years old and showed in some places. Because we were running on a tight schedule, we needed a process that would allow us to set up new office furniture on dry carpet. The National Floor Care team used the VLM (Very Low Moisture) Method and it worked fantastically. All stains were gone and the carpet was quite noticeably brighter. It was much appreciated by our employees."

"The National Floor Care Team was also very great to work with. Multiple trips were required as our project had 3 phases to it. "

"It wasn't hard to tell they wanted to make sure the job was done well and we were happy. They will definitely be getting our future business."Facilities Manager, Corel Corporation

Restorative Carpet Cleaning:

Our specialized carpet cleaning process uses the latest technology to remove more soil from your carpet, leaving your carpet clean, dry and ready to use. In addition to fast drying times, our advanced process does not leave any residue on the carpet.

We have carefully selected the greenest products and process available to ensure that when we have cleaned your carpets, the indoor air quality is not negatively affected. We take pride in knowing our process uses less water and gets out more soil than any other system available on the market today.

We care about the environment as much as you do! Whether you are a LEED certified building or not we use the most advanced green products and systems available. Our methods use less water ensuring quicker dry times and returning floors to use having minimal impact in your day to day operations.

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"I would never use another floor care company. The work is always great and the service is friendly, I trust them 100%!!"Kathy

"We’ve used the company’s services numerous times and always with great results. They’ve done amazing work on our carpets and furniture at home at work. I would highly recommend them to anyone."Steve, Associate Pastor, Greenbelt Baptist Church

Protect your investment with National Floor Care's carpet cleaning services in Ottawa. For more Information, call us today: 613 841-7206

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