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Never Strip Again!

Never Strip Again!

March 2nd, 2018

Updates and Improvements

Have you ever noticed in the span of a week how many updates you receive for you iPhone or smart phone? How about the constant improvements in the safety features in the automobile industry?

It is hard to think of an industry that has not had significant technological updates or improvements that not only improve their products but also reduce their impact on the environment.

What does this have to do with Floor Care Systems?

There are certain systems that we see day in and day out, and probably never question why it is done that way, or if there is a better more sustainable application available.

Yet, every time we walk into retail outlets, health care facilities, schools we walk over decades old floor care systems. I am, of course, referring to wax floor coatings. BUT what else is there?

What if there was an application that was much more durable, easier to maintain, had an improved slip co-efficiency and never had to be stripped off your floor again?

You’d probably say, something like that does not exist!

BUT it does!

Micron Coatings with nanotechnology are making wax floors a thing of the past. Wheter it’s terazzo, stone or concrete, you will no longer be required to go through the inconvenience of stripping and waxing your floors and doing multiple scrub and re-coats through the year to maintain your floor’s appearance. Once a micron coating has been applied to your terazzo, stone, concrete (TSC) floor, the benefits are carried over to your floor maintenance program! You now have reduced the amount of burnishing’s by two thirds, the number of scrub and re-coats by two thirds and the number of strips by 100%… NO MORE STRIPPING!

Not only is this good news for your floor care and your floor care budget, it is also great news for the environment. Micron coatings are the most sustainable floor coatings available. Every time a floor is stripped, the wax and all the harsh chemicals used to remove that wax are dumped into our water system. Not only that but how many display stands, furniture, etc. have been damaged by the large quantity of stripper and products required to remove the wax? Stripping and recoating a floor are by far, one of the most labour intensive, expensive and inefficient tasks in the floor care industry. Unlike wax coatings, a micron coating will not allow soil to penetrate its surface, it simply becomes a matter of maintaining the new coating with daily cleaning and burnishing as required. No more wax buildup along edges, no grungier yellow edges, no yellowing at all as the micron coating remains completely clear and transparent and best of all… NO MORE STRIPPING!

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