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Carpet Cleaning: Why VLM is the best solution!

Carpet Cleaning: Why VLM is the best solution!

April 4th, 2018

Is Hot Water Extraction the only carpet cleaning solution your carpet cleaner, or Janitorial Company is offering? Hot water extraction or steam cleaning as it’s commonly called IS a great way to clean your carpets but it may not necessarily be the best way to clean all your carpets.

As effective as hot water extraction is, it is entirely unnecessary on a light to moderately soiled carpet. Hot water extraction is a method that requires the most man power, the highest amount of electricity and by far, the highest amount of water. In short, it is a highly inefficient and yet extremely effective method of cleaning carpets. There is, however, a way to make hot water extraction much more efficient and that is to marry it with a very low moisture (or VLM) method, using hot water extraction only where it's required. In areas where there is less traffic and soil, oftentimes a VLM method makes much more sense and is the recommended method of choice in order to reduce the number of times a Hot Water Extraction is required. A strategic carpet cleaning plan not only makes good sense to your cleaning requirements and the environment, it also makes sense to your cleaning budget. Our VLM methods are the greenest in the business and also boast the fastest drying times. Unique to National Floor Care is a VLM method which uses foam, instead of water and chemicals. Our deep cleaning, quick drying foam chemistry also contains an antibacterial leaving your carpets not just cleaned but cleaned AND sanitized.


It has long been known foam cleans better than “soap” and water, just take a look at hand soaps, car washes and the cleaning industry in general, FOAM CLEANS BETTER! Why? Foam has the ability to carry a lot more cleaning solids than water and soaps, which more often than not are composed of ingredients that quickly ‘’flash off,” or evaporate and leave you with a carpet that is wetter than it needs to be and not as clean as it could be. Our unique foam formulation will leave your carpets with a “just steam cleaned” appearance without the extended, inconvenient drying times that come with steam cleaning. In areas that need a quick turnaround or where slip/fall is a major concern a VLM with foam simply makes perfect sense.

To learn more about our exclusive “Very Low Moisture” method and if it’s right for your commercial carpet send us an email or better yet drop us a line, National Floor Care is just a FOAM call away: 613 841-7206!

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